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Array in PHP

PHP array is a special variable which can store multiple items in only one variable. Multiple items from an array are retrieved with array indexes. The array() built-in function is used to create an array in PHP

Advance PHP Function

More than 1000 built-in functions prove the power of PHP. Besides built-in function PHP allows to create user defined function that was explained in PHP function basics. So, this article is designed to explain some advance topics

PHP Function Basics

The real power of a programming language comes from its functions. More than 1000 built-in functions defined in PHP prove the power of PHP language. So, this article is designed to explain PHP function from very beginning.

PHP break and continue Statement

PHP break and continue statements help to control PHP loop statement. Using break and continue keywords, a PHP developer can dominate over PHP Loop Statement so easily. This article will explain how to use break and continue

PHP Loop Statement

Looping is an important topic in PHP programming language. Loop statement is used to iterate a block of statement until the loop condition is false. PHP Loop Statement will be explained in this article from very beginning.
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