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Important HTML Attributes with Example

HTML elements build the contents of a webpage. Every HTML element has either its own attributes or HTML global attributes. HTML attributes define the characteristics of an HTML element. The attributes are placed inside the element’s opening

Top 30 Important HTML Elements with Example

Text, image, audio and video are the main contents of a webpage. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the only language which is used to represent a webpage contents. HTML has a lot of elements or tags to

Make a Website Using HTML and CSS

If you wish to create a website by yourself or want to learn how to make a website, this article will be so helpful for you. Creating a website is not so difficult work. Anyone can create

Sorting Array in PHP

PHP provides a lot of built-in functions those deal with sorting PHP arrays.  PHP array elements can be sorted in alphabetically or numerically, ascending or descending order. This article will show how to sort an array elements

PHP Delete Array Element

Array is an important and mostly used data type in PHP programming. PHP programmer can add element to an array or delete element from an array manually with his/her own logical program but PHP also provides some
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